Ambition is Glamour: Simple ways to follow your heart!

I Am A Makeup Artist, A Hair Stylist And Soon To Be An Interior Decorator. But More Importantly I Am A Dreamer, A Believer, A Seeker, And A Down Right Stubborn Person Who Does't Take No For An Answer. I Have Ambition, I Am Successful And I Am Really Truly Grateful For Everything And Everyone I Have Crossed Paths With And I Will Continue To Strive And Be The Best At What I Do! My Name Is Kia Foster - Blades, And I Have Been Asked By My Good Friend, And Co-Worker To Do A Little Post On Just About Anything I Want! So Because I Have Never Really Done A Post On Her Blog, This Is Just A Little Something That I Hope Leaves Each Of You Feeling Ambitious And Ready To Tackle The World! I Have Worked With Isabelle And Her Beautiful Collections For A While Now And We Continue To Grow As A Team, Feeding Off Of Each Other's Passions And Ideas! 


        A Hard Day's Work Emphasising Natural Beauty! 

As A Makeup Artist, I Have Learned To Strive On A Small Island With Many Other Talented People. It Takes Time And Dedication To Market Yourself And Your Career. I Have Learned That Making Connections On Such A Small Island Is Vital, And This Has Helped Me Immensely As I Recommend People, Refer People And In Tern, I Am Also Referred. For Many Of The People Out There In The Beauty Field Die Off Or Change What They Love Because It Simply Isn't Working, Today I Will Tell You What My Little Tips And Tricks Are! 



People Always Asked Me If Because I Am Back At School If I Have Given Up On My Makeup Career. The Answer Is A Fat No! I Have Definitely Not Given Up And I Am Far More Experienced Now Than Before, Offering More Services And Better Service To My Customers! You Can Not Give Up. Everything Takes Time. Everything Is Trial And Error. Keep With It, Stick With It And It Will Benefit You In Every Way. Never Give Up On Your Dream, I Just Happen To Have More Than One! 



By This I Mean Don't Be Pushed Around. Know Your Potential, And Know Your Worth. Know You Have A Set Of Skills, Whatever They May Be And That You Can Use Them To The Fullest To Create Something Extraordinary! 



A Lot Of The Time The Work I Do Is Free. Yes I Wish It Was Paid, Don't We All. But The Free Work Is The Same As The Paid Work And The Bottom Line Of It All Is That You Are Making New Connections, Meeting New People, Learning And Creating New Things. For Some People This Is Not Enough, But For Me, Free Work Is Still Just As Much Fun As The Paid And I Still Get The Same Gratification From It! You Must Always Give A Little To Get A Little! 


And If All Else Fails Ladies, Put On A Pair Of Heels, Some Lipstick And Fake It Till You Make It! 


Lastly, I Want To Thank Isabelle For The Opportunity To Introduce Myself On Her Blog To Many People That I Haven't Met Yet That Will End Up Reading This Post! You All Always Have An Artist In Barbados! 



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