Sea Reinas blog launch!

On Sunday I Swam In The Ocean, Floating On My Back. My Mind Drifted Back To This. 

I Reflected On The Concept: A Space For Women To Share Their Feelings, Thoughts. A Space To Inspire And Draw Inspiration. A Space To Teach.&Nbsp;

From My Waterbed I Glanced Across My Glossy Skin And Saw The Palm Trees Flowing, Dancing In The Wind. There Is Something Unspeakably Unique About February In Barbados. Feeling The Sun In Your Eyes, The Cool Water Swirl Around Your Body And The Trade Winds Whistling In Your Ears And Blowing Across Your Nose. The Caribbean Sea Rippling Against Your Shoulders, As If They Were A Broad-Based Beach.

This Is Home! This Is Landscape That I Have Wanted To Share, To Portray In My Designs And In The Images That Capture Them. The Beautiful Women Laughing On The Shore, The Seaside Architecture And The Warmth. OH Yes! The Warmth Of The People, The Spice Of Our Rum, The Sand In Our Toes And The Sunshine In Our Hearts.

Nothing Happens In A Bubble, Every Artist Draws Inspiration And Technique From Their Environment And Community. And What Better Ode To Thank Those Who Have Created Those Spaces, The Environments And Landscapes That Moulded Me And Sea Reinas Than To Share It In Our Community Of Women.

Montreal ◦ Holetown ◦ Buenos Aires ◦ Rio De Janeiro ◦ Paris ◦ London

No Matter Where You Are Our Blog Wants To To Draw From Your Inspiration. 

Email Us At Manager At Seareinas Dot Com With Posts On Art, Travel, Culture, Beachlife, Science, Health, Beauty,  And More... Everyone Is Waiting To Hear From You! 

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